5 Reasons Why Indian Families Prefer Fixed Deposits

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Individuals in India enjoy a wealth of investing possibilities, including mutual funds, shares, real
estate, and more. Despite the rising availability of varied investment options, some Indian
families still favour the simplicity and dependability of fixed deposits (FDs).
Most Indians typically put their savings in FDs as a traditional investment vehicle. According to a
SEBI poll, less than 10% of Indian families were interested in investing in mutual funds or
equities, and 95% of Indian families preferred investing in bank FDs because they are not
market-linked assets.
In this blog, we will examine the five main reasons why FDs are a popular investment option
among Indian consumers.

Reasons Why Indian Families Still Invest in FDs

  1. Guaranteed Returns: The certainty of guaranteed returns is one of the main factors
    influencing Indian families’ preference for fixed deposits. In contrast to other investment
    choices like mutual funds or stocks, FDs provide a fixed interest rate for a set amount of
    time. FDs appeal due to their predictability and assurance, particularly to conservative
    investors who choose stability above higher profits.
  2. Capital Safety: For many households, preserving their wealth is a top priority. FDs give
    investors a sense of confidence because they are supported by the Reserve Bank of
    India’s (RBI) deposit protection guarantee. This guarantees that the principal amount of
    the depositors’ deposits, up to INR 5 lakh per bank, is protected even if a financial
    institution fails.
  3. Regular Income Stream: The availability of a consistent income stream is another
    benefit of investing in fixed deposits. With the variety of possibilities FDs provide,
    including monthly, quarterly, or annual interest payouts, people can satisfy their ongoing
    financial needs. This monthly cash flow can be beneficial for retirees or people looking
    for a steady income source without the volatility associated with other investment
  4. Liquidity: FDs give investors liquidity, which is crucial for many Indian households. Even
    though the money is locked in for a set period, some rules allow for early withdrawals or
    loans against FDs. Although early withdrawals may result in a decreased interest rate as a penalty, many investors find the ability to access money quickly for an urgent financial
    need to be enticing.
  5. Tax Efficiency: Indian families must consider tax efficiency when choosing their
    investments. There are certain tax advantages to fixed deposits. For instance, if the
    interest on FDs exceeds a certain amount, it is eligible to tax deduction at source (TDS).
    If an individual’s income is below the taxable limit, they can still declare their eligibility for
    exemption from TDS by submitting Form 15G or 15H.

Why Have an FD Product in Your Investment Advisory

Your financial advisory business needs to meet the varied needs of your clients. While there is
growth potential in mutual funds, stocks, and other investment options, it is essential to
acknowledge that a sizable part of Indian families still favour the security and dependability
provided by fixed deposits. You may give your clients a well-rounded investment portfolio that
considers their risk tolerance and investment preferences by delivering an FD product.

How BInvestt Helps You Offer High-yield FD Products

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Blostem provides a seamless experience with BInvestt thanks to its flexible features, which
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BInvestt offers a flexible and adaptable solution for any business looking to expand its products
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