Blostem Partners with Bajaj Finance to Expand Investment Opportunities for B2B Partners

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The world of business and finance is evolving continuously, and innovative solutions are
crucial to surviving in the competitive landscape. Following this, Blostem, a prominent
financial technology company, has joined forces with Bajaj Finance, a well-known
non-banking financial institution, to offer improved investment opportunities for their B2B
partners through Blostem’s BInvestt, Plug ‘n’ Play Wealth-Tech Platform.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the investment sector by integrating Bajaj Finance’s
fixed deposit product into Blostem’s BInvestt platform. The integration will enable B2B
partners to access a comprehensive range of investment options, empowering them to make
conscious decisions and accomplish their financial goals.

Blostem focuses on providing advanced technology solutions for businesses. It is a
cloud-based platform businesses use to manage their daily operations, collaborate with their
partners, and track their growth. Blostem intends to make it trouble-free for businesses to
understand their operations and make better decisions. Founded in 2007, Bajaj Finance is a
renowned financial services company in India. It has since developed into the country’s most
thriving financial institution. It provides excellent services, including insurance, lending, and
investment banking.

The partnership between Bajaj Finance and Blostem offers businesses innumerable
benefits. It will authorize companies to access numerous investment options, including
venture capital, business loans, consumer loans, and term loans. With this, businesses will
gain access to data-driven insights and up-to-date technology. It will let businesses benefit
from the growth opportunities the two companies bring. Moreover, the partnership will also
promote effortless access to capital, which is crucial for any business to prosper.

About BInvestt

BInvestt, developed by Blostem, is a comprehensive investment platform that caters
specifically to B2B partners. The platform offers various investment products, including fixed
deposits, mutual funds, and government securities, driving engagement, loyalty, and growth.
It combines a user-friendly interface with cutting-edge technology to provide partners with an
all-in-one investment experience. Partners can easily track their investments, access
real-time market data, and get personalized insights to make well-informed decisions.
BInvestt aims to empower B2B partners with the essential tools and resources

The partnership between Blostem and Bajaj Finance signifies a significant step forward in
the financial technology industry, expanding investment opportunities for B2B partners. The
collaboration between Blostem and Bajaj Finance promises to reshape the investment
landscape, empowering B2B partners to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

Collaboration Between Blostem and Bajaj Finance

Blostem and Bajaj Finance have recognized the immense potential of joining forces to offer
comprehensive investment solutions. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources,
they aim to create a seamless investment experience for B2B partners. This collaboration
combines Blostem’s cutting-edge technology with Bajaj Finance’s extensive knowledge of
fixed deposit products. Together, they intend to address the evolving needs of B2B partners
and provide them access to diverse investment opportunities.

Sandeep Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Blostem, excitedly voiced, “We are thrilled to
partner with Bajaj Finance to bring their esteemed fixed deposit product to our B2B partners.
This collaboration reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive investment solutions
to our partners and enabling them to provide the best investment options to their customers.
Together, we aim to drive growth and success for our partners in the ever-evolving financial

Integrating Bajaj Finance’s fixed deposit product into Blostem’s BInvestt platform benefits
B2B partners. BInvestt, powered by Blostem’s robust technology, will now offer a seamless
interface for B2B partners to explore and invest in fixed deposit products provided by Bajaj
Finance. This integration certifies that partners can access reliable investment options with
reasonable interest rates, allowing them to enhance their returns while managing risk. With
an all-in-one user-friendly interface, partners can easily exhibit and offer this product to
customers, advancing their service offerings and intensifying revenue streams.

Features Offered by BInvestt’s Platform for B2B

BInvestt’s platform offers a range of innovative features intended to cater to the particular
needs of B2B partners, including:

  1. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables partners to navigate and explore
    various investment options easily.
  2. The platform offers comprehensive investment analytics and reporting tools,
    empowering partners to make data-driven decisions. BInvestt also incorporates
    advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure a secure
    investment environment.
  3. The platform provides personalized support and dedicated account management
    services to assist partners throughout their investment journey.

Blostem’s commitment to innovation is evident through its strategic partnerships and
groundbreaking solutions. The company has forged alliances with leading financial
institutions and technology providers to enhance its product offerings. These partnerships
enable Blostem to integrate cutting-edge technologies into its platforms.

These technologies include machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. By harnessing these
advanced technologies, Blostem aims to provide partners with intelligent investment
recommendations, risk assessment tools, and predictive analytics. Furthermore, Blostem
collaborated with industry experts and thought leaders to stay at the forefront of emerging
trends and ensure its solutions aligned with evolving market dynamics

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